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Hello People of Newground!!!   :D    I'm going to perpetuate the comedy arts and explore other places I can go with the humor.   I know I'm not the best "artist" in the world but, keep it in prospective, I'm a cartoonist not leonardo da vinci.    Anyways,  my goal is to ingress into some new matrial before the ending of 2016 , so I can expand my imagination rather than stifling it.     I've started writting and scripting my comedy arts before I draw and post them, so, I can get a more lucid idea of what I want.   Every ounce of effort put into the comedy arts is 100% worth it for all of you Absurd Tyler Fans.      Keep an eye out for more comedy arts and I'll keep you updated.


Sincerely, AbsurdTyler 

I'll Explain which character is in which art piece;   Charlotte was the black haired, purple shirt girl in the "big foot, big hand comedy art joke" and more,  WM was the red shirt, brown haired character in the "Fleshy Rocket Comedy art joke", "Big foot, big hand Comedy Art joke",  "Texting Comedy Art Joke" and more,  Freddy was in the "Vampire Tits Comedy Art Joke",  "Steroids Comedy Art Joke"  and more.....   Honestly,  I'm too lazy to point out the rest so,  look at the comedy arts to see which character is who.  They're pretty easy to spot.    What I can point out is that the Character Issac is in the comedy art that rips on markiplier just with a blue shirt.   (Little hint)    :)           I love all of the AbsurdTyler Fans!    Hope you like the character comedy arts!    :D  


Sincerely, AbsurdTyler

I'm going to create a comedy art that will list all the names of the characters that you see in all of my posts.  So, when I post new ones you'll be able to know who they are.    Believe it or not,  I do have specific names for all the characters you see in each art.   Granted, the arts are crude and absurd but, that's why I call myself  "Absurd Tyler".    The comedy art that will list all the character names will be posted at 8:00pm!!!   That is all I have to say for now!   I love all of my fans!   And I will try to never let you down!    :)     Keep updated and share my comedy arts with all of your friends!   :D  


Sincerely, AbsurdTyler 


2016-11-16 00:14:49 by AbsurdTyler

Hello people of Newgrounds!!!   :D   First of all I would like to apologize to someone that gave me a suggestion on a comedy art.  The suggestion was that I name off all of my favorite movies and video games.    And when I posted it I thought it was up and ready.   But, some "Mbot" guy kept reporting it over and over agian..... I'm guessing it was for copyright reasons.

   I would also like to say that I'm wanting to start something I call "Absurd Fridays".    Hopefully it will be something new for you fans to look forward to!   :D     Where the comedy will be amplified with more excitement!   And like always I want to sincerely thank every AbsurdTyler Fan for all the support.   I'm luck to even have gotten one fan... I just want all of you fans to know you're the reason I prepetuate to make this account bigger and better.    :)     So, tell me what you think about me starting "Absurd Fridays".     Do you think I shoud do it?   Do you have ideas you would like to send?   Do you not like it!     New comedy art called "Amelia Earhart Chest" is out!  Check it out and tell your friends, family or just random people.     :D    


Sincerely, AbsurdTyler  

For all of you AbusrdTyler fans that are probably wondering why I post my comedy arts in the time period that I post them.   Well, I use the month to two month time period  to come up with new material.    Usually I'm on Newgrounds posting comedy arts April 1st to  July 28th.   Then I spend the whole month of August coming up with new jokes and ideas.   After August I come back September 20th to finish posting comedy arts for that year.   

I made up this schedule before I devised up this account.  Essentially, that's how I planned it when I was coming up with the name "AbsurdTyler."   

I would also like to give love and thanks to my Newground fans.   :)   I'm lucky just have one.    All my fans are the best!  :D   And I will always show my appreciation for you guys being viewers.   Every single "make a post."  

Sincerely, AbsurdTyler .................  Looking for comedy art helpers.  :)

New AbsurdTyler Comedy Arts!

2016-04-23 00:16:02 by AbsurdTyler

For all my fans!  :D   I"m going to be taking suggestions for new comedy arts.   The comedy art suggestions can be about anything you want!  Just start hitting me with some suggestions and I'll make sure the joke is how you want it.  If you want me to do a joke a certain way.   Just type it to me in the comment boxes on my comedy arts.   


I want to give a huge thank you to both my fans that are just becoming fans and my old ones.   Thank you so much!  :)  

I am looking for comedy art helpers so, if you want to help come with with comedy art private message me.  :) 


AbsurdTyler Update

2016-04-20 04:52:23 by AbsurdTyler

Greetings all Newgrounds people!  I hope you guys know that this is my third year on Newgrounds.  :D   I have made a new comedy art by the name "Sadistic Milk Fetish".  It's pretty funny!   Since Christmas of 2015 I've been checking my fans and random peoples comments.   And I realize that my comedy arts and the way they are drawn tends to confuse people about my age.   Well, for you guys that want to know I am 21 years old now.  And I still draw like a third grader.   XD  But due to the fact  my comedy arts look so crappy is what makes them all the more funny to me though. 


I also want to give a huge thank you to my fans and random people that take the time to look at my comedy arts.  :) 

   Check out my new comedy arts and keep an eye on the new ones coming soon! 

AbsurdTyler Update!

2015-10-15 23:45:02 by AbsurdTyler

I hope you guys know that this is my third year on Newgrounds. :D    I have a new comedy art called "Sadistic Milk Fetish".  Which is pretty funny!   The words aren't incredibly hard to read, but if you just click on the picture I think you'll be able to read it.   Every since Christmas of 2015 I've been checking out my fans and random peoples comments.   The one thing that my comedy arts mislead people on is how old I am.  And for you guys that want to know I am 21 years old now.   Funny enough, I do draw like a third grader.....  But that's the funny part to me though.  :D   I don't just do comedy to make fun of the world around me and other people.  I also in a way make fun of myself.   How do I make fun of myself you ask?  By showing people how I draw and how I make myself laugh.  XD      

Comedy Art Suggestions

2015-07-22 17:50:34 by AbsurdTyler

Hello People of Newgrounds!  :D

I've had an idea for a while and I think it's the time to text it.....  I'm always up for suggestions what to make fun of.  I don't know if you guys realize but alot of my comedy art jokes usually have something to do with topics such as sports, special olympics, sexism and etc.    I mean, if you have some singer you don't like or a television show you can't stand.  Text it to me! :)  It dosn't have to be just a singer or television show it can be anything you don't like. So from now on if any of you have something I can make fun of, just put it on my comedy art comments or privately, dosen't matter.

And I also wanted to thank the fans I have and the people that were generous enough to look at my comedy arts.  I do apprieciate it a whole bunch.  Alot of you guys are great music makers and artists as well!  :D  All of you I commented on and everyone else on Newgrounds keep up the great work!