2017-08-11 03:28:20 by AbsurdTyler

Hello Newgrounds People!!!   :DDDDD   Sorry about the awkward silence over the last couple days.  Been super busy with other projects I have in the works.  But now It's FO WHEELS!!!!  No more akwardness!!!  No more playing!!  I'm a playa!!!   Not a "gangster playa".  So far from it.   I don't want you guess asking in the comments "Hey Tyler? Were you in a gang?  And if so were you with the crips or the bloods?"  Then I would type back  "Naw."   A new comedy art is out!  :)   It's called "Obesity can be a TV and photo censor".    I want to give a special thanks to all of my new viewers and fans for all of your support.   I'll never give up on you guys.  :)


Sincerely, AbsurdTyler.


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