2017-07-25 20:58:55 by AbsurdTyler

Hello Newgrounds People!!!   :D   Change in plans, the new comedy art has been posted early!!!   Re-edited part:  I want to add something before you guys start thinking I'm just being down right cruel in the latest comedy art.  The new comedy art is satirizing the retarded parents you see in the news that leave there kids unattended at home or in a hot car.  So, I'm making not only the character in the comedy art look bad, but the inane parents out there that do this crap as well.   I know it's touchy, but I promise I'm not just being insensitive.   There was thought put into this.   Next time when I do a comedy art like that, I'll put a satire warning.    


Sincerely, AbsurdTyler.


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2017-07-25 21:34:48

What's the name of the art?

AbsurdTyler responds:

"Burn Baby Burn", It's the art on the far left


2017-07-25 22:38:25

Not gonna lie, it's not very humorous. I don't want to imagine how a child burning inside of a house is funny, considering how lately in the news we've had a constant problem of children dying because they were inside of a hot car.

AbsurdTyler responds:

I understand where you are coming from. I re-edited my news post saying that it is a satire on the exact thing you are mentioning in your comment. I promise there was thought put into it.


2017-07-25 22:51:47

Agreeing with @BlueAlpha14