2017-08-12 07:09:00 by AbsurdTyler

Hello Newgrounds People!!!   :DDDD   I have been thinking about doing this for a while.  Some of you probably wonder what's my political views, or some of you may not care, and that's cool.   But I do want to get something out of the way before I start.  I do not have all the answers nor do I believe that I am "the most important person in the world."   I'm just giving you MY views on politics.  If you don't concur with my point of views, that's okay.  I respect you and we can still be friends regardless.   First and for most, I believe this country is heading in the wrong direction politically.  A lot of politicians, political comedians and people in general focus way to much on political parties and sides.  Which is attatched to my belief that the U.S  has become a place full of extremist.  Now let me give some context of what I mean...  So, when you watch TV or hear your family or friends debate about politics, you're always hearing and seeing them getting immensely angry at one another because one's not on the "right" or one's not on the "left".   It's got to the point where a lot of people are so far left or so far right, that when a leftist hears that someone's has a "right-wing" point of view they loose it (samething with the right).    I don't know if any of you have heard the concept of having SO much optimism and hope where indifference eventually becomes equal to hate.  But, I do think that's where we are today.   It's the reason you hear and see so much protests and riots, the reason people are so mortified when a president messes up or says something wrong, in some way it's because of too much hope and optimism.  Now, don't get me wrong there's nothing wrong with being hopeful or optimistic.  I just think sometimes there's balance in having expectation, but not too much.    The point I'm trying to make is that I believe in what I call "political balance".   Every president has a rational side to them and instead of siding them and labeling one is this and one is that.  Is it possible for one president to have all the politically rational policies and opinions.  Is it possible for what we call the republicans, libreals, democrates and libratarians to be all one president.... I do. I think that is the president we need.  Not JUST a republican or just a democrate or just a liberatarian.  (One last thing I want to say:   Another problem is that debates aren't debates anymore.  It's just immature adults slingging mud at each other.  A debate is when two people learn about each others point of view.  Not yelling across the room and contriving one another to believe something.  Adults go to politics when they want to in a way get away from the kid cartoons. Adult can't do that anymore.  It's embarrasing what it's turned into.   If you've read all of this, you're a boss.  :)   Warm thanks to all of my new viewers and fans for all the support.  :)     It's awesome you guys take the time out of your day to view me.  


Sincerely, AbsurdTyler        


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2017-08-12 07:33:46

What you are looking for, is either someone at the centre, or a national unity government. I'm not sure if this has ever happened in the US before, but it's most certainly happened in Britain during World War II.

Just a word of caution: be careful what you wish for. There are those who did try to unite the country, every person in the political spectrum, but under false pretences. Adolf Hitler was one of them. There is a reason why he called his party the National Socialist German Workers' Party.

(Updated ) AbsurdTyler responds:

I'm not trying to unite anyone or anything. You didn't have to read it. I put in the title of this post "My political views (if you don't care for it, cool). I think you're taking it WAY too seriously. Before I started pointing out my political views I specifically said "I do not have all the answers nor do I think that I'm "the best person in the world. I'm not that important." I'm not trying to change the world. Not every time someone points out there political point of views they're trying to start a "socialist German Workers' Party." All I basically said was that I think that political parties are dangerous. That's not something "Hitler" said or his army that was George Washington and the four fathers. Who warned us many times about the dangers. I'm a skinny white boy in Canada..... So please don't take me so seriously.


2017-08-13 21:05:55

I'm a centrist too.
We're too spoiled in the 1st world, and we don't know how good we have it.